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How Much Weight Did That Petoskey Mom Lose?

Here’s an example of how not to use people’s IP address to customize an advertisement to make it seem more personal to them:

petoskey mom lost weight

Gee, that mother over in Petoskey lost 47 pounds using just one rule. Gosh, that’s just near here. If she lives near me, she must lose weight in ways that are quite like me, rather than those people way over in Australia, who lose weight in exotic ways that I could never use. So, I bet that if I just click on that picture, I’ll find out about how people in my neighborhood can lose weight, and I’ll get all the information I need for absolutely free…

…except that, golly, right next to that first advertisement is the very same picture that claims that that mom in Petoskey lost 52 pounds using that same rule.

Curious. Is there really a mom in Petoskey who lost that weight? I kind of doubt it, given that, no matter where I travel in the USA, I see the same advertisement, claiming that some mom, who just happens to be right next to wear I’m staying for the night, has lost a bunch of pounds using that one rule they keep on talking about.

That advertisement is customized to me. It’s just lying, with one little variable in its lie changing according to my IP address.

Some self-proclaimed Internet gurus seem to think that customized advertisements are as spiffy as spandex, but when the customization takes the form of a cheesy approach suggesting that my web browser knows all about what’s important to me, the spandex gets stretched. This advertising method needs to lose 52 pounds, and I know just one method it needs to get the job done…

One thought on “How Much Weight Did That Petoskey Mom Lose?”

  1. Mark says:

    It’s amazing. She has a twin sister in Mount Pleasant, SC who also lost 47 pounds.

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