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Plant a Row for the Hungry

If you garden, you’ve been there: delighted at the success of your zucchini patch, you enjoy a zucchini salad, a nice loaf of zucchini bread, another loaf of zucchini bread, a pot of zucchini-cheese soup…. It’s after the second pot of zucchini soup that you might throw in the towel, but that doesn’t mean your squash have to rot on the vine. Find a local Plant a Row for the Hungry participant and arrange to donate your produce to a nearby food pantry. The Plant a Row effort, maintained for years by the Garden Writers’ Assocation, works best locally to provide poor families with the sort of fresh fruits and vegetables that are so valuable nutritionally yet so difficult to stock in food pantries otherwise. Bully for them.

One thought on “Plant a Row for the Hungry”

  1. Jacob says:

    I did this a couple of years ago. I planted cucumber plants that went wild. I was picked 15 ripe cucumbers per day for 3 months straight. (I learned to plant fewer). they took over my entire garden and killed everything else but I was able to give a lot of cucumbers to local sites that distributed food to the hungry

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