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Obama Still Can't Decide Whether To Tell Us The Truth About Torture

Yesterday, we thought that the Obama Administration, after two delays, was finally going to release a CIA memo revealing the breadth and knowing criminality of U.S. government torture under George W. Bush. Obama didn’t release the memo.

This morning, we thought that Obama’s delay in releasing the memo would be just three or four days, until the end of the 4th of July weekend.

obama torture truthThis evening, we’re finding out that Barack Obama is using the occasion of the anniversary of America’s struggle for liberty to announce that he will keep secrets about torture from the American people from another two months, at which time, of course, he may just announce another delay.

The government has held this memo for years already. What on earth does Barack Obama need another two months for to decide whether to release the memo? How hard is it for Obama to choose whether to tell us the truth? How long does Obama need to figure out whether to keep his promises of a government of openness, accountability, and respect for constitutional rights?

9 thoughts on “Obama Still Can't Decide Whether To Tell Us The Truth About Torture”

  1. qs says:

    Why not just announce it will never be public?

    Why keep doing small delays?

  2. Tom says:

    This guy is going to lose more and more of his base and therefore his popularity will go down as this and other issues keep dragging him down. His best bet would have been to stem the corporate takeover of the country, but the big banks, insurance companies, and Wall Street combined with the energy, agribusiness, pharmaceuticals and the military are influencing him far too much for him to make “independent” decisions, painful as they would be, to make.

    The distribution of wealth is so far out of line that the homeless are having a hard time existing (as the tent cities are closed down by the government) while our treasury is now printing fiat money to cover the bad debts the few financial people have made. The whole house of cards is collapsing from lack of trust, mismanagement, cronyism, a rigged financial system, a complicit government and lack of statesmanship in our “leaders”.

    From education, to health care, to the cost of living – it’s all connected. There’s only one way to do it right, but it doesn’t work when everyone is only in it for themselves. We have to all be united in a fair system or it ends like this.

    I had such hope for this guy. It’s becoming more disappointing than Bush (- at least with him i knew what was coming).

  3. qs says:

    All this delay is just making people curious?

    Does anyone really think this is really the “Holy Grail” torture report?

  4. qs says:

    Former Guantánamo detainee Binyam Mohamed launches legal effort to stop destruction of Bush-era torture pictures.

    Isn’t this the guy who was falsely imprisoned and who endured 7 YEARS of penis and scrotum torture?

  5. qs says:

    Good interview
    Scott Horton Interviews Scott Horton on the Holden torture investigations
    Seems like a sham since they said they will not prosecute so long as the CIA, etc followed the John Yoo memos guidelines.

  6. qs says:

    Glen Greenwald interview.

    Glenn Greenwald goes on the Scott Horton show to talk about Obama’s torture

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