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Obamas To Gardeners: Eat Shit

You may have concluded a long time ago that the Obama White House is full of shit, but now there’s confirmation that your suspicion is literally true.

This spring, after weeks of high pressure from organic gardeners, the Obamas agreed to plant a vegetable garden on the White House lawn, and share the veggies with hungry people in Washington D.C. Just weeks after the veggies began growing, however, it became apparent that nobody would be able to eat the produce that resulted from the presidential patch. The soil was contaminated with high levels of lead.

Where did this lead come from from? Mother Jones argues that it’s likely that the contamination came from processed sewage that Bill Clinton had sprayed on the White House lawn as a way to promote the use of sewage sludge in agriculture and American yards.

Sadly, what your instincts tell you about sewage sludge is more or less accurate: It’s filthy. It contains not just shit, but all sorts of chemicals that come from household cleaners, industrial activities, street runoff, and other miscellaneous dumpings of vile things down the drain. It’s been almost 20 years since the Clintons sprayed this polluted gunk all over the White House lawn, but the poisonous chemicals seem to still be there.

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