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Global Ant Colony Getting Ready For…

Here’s some far out news for you while you’re getting ready for your 4th of July weekend picnic. There is a species of ant that forms gigantic colonies, one of which is global in scale. Ants who are members of this global colony communicate peacefully with each other, even when they are from different continents.

From Japan to California to Europe, they’re gathering bread crumbs, getting into sugar bowls, and waiting… waiting… for what? Well, to get some more bread crumbs and get into more sugar bowls. Though these ants have a society that’s global, they don’t have a global communication system, nor do they have any culture to pass down a larger agenda.

Woe unto us if they ever should develop these skills. They would disable our television sets while we sleep, leaving us unable to follow the celebrity dancing contests that hold us together.

2 thoughts on “Global Ant Colony Getting Ready For…”

  1. Avenir labs says:

    Now ants society is going to be global ,plz verify that they have a global communication system or not really a very funny story.but if this is true then i wonder how they develop this skills.

  2. mdeals says:

    go for global picnic.There is a species of ant that forms gigantic colonies,

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