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Intentionally Misread Headline of the Day: He Has One There, Too?

CNN International: “Sanford spending holiday weekend with family in Florida”

The poor dear. If he weren’t such a policy hypocrite on marriage, I’d give him a break.

3 comments to Intentionally Misread Headline of the Day: He Has One There, Too?

  • qs

    The GOP wanna-be presidential candidates for 2012 are terrible. Sanford was probably the best of the “mainstream” candidates and now he’s gone. I’ve never seen such a lousy lot.

  • Tom

    Don’t worry qs, Obama is doing everything according to the corporate plan. Besides, one thing we’ve definitely learned after this particular election is that it doesn’t matter who gets elected since the government has been effectively co-opted by the corporate sector (especially the financial people). The “president” does what he’s told and nobody gets hurt (ie. they don’t assassinate him). That’s why health care is off the table, Bush and his cronies aren’t being investigated for war crimes, torture and spying on us continues, and banks have been “bailed out” while people are thrown in the street and have nowhere to go. Our country has been hi-jacked and we stand by and watch as our standard of living becomes that of the poor over the next few years. i’m wondering, with all the out of work people milling around and becoming homeless, if any kind of civil unrest will begin as a result. There will be millions of angry young men watching their lives crumble who may just not like the way things are going by the end of summer and decide, out of desperation, to “do something about it.” But even if that scenario doesn’t play out, i see bleak times ahead for the vast majority of our citizenry. Since Obama is NOT delivering on his promises, people will become fed up with politics as a solution and may resort to other means. i hope i’m wrong and way off base.

  • qs


    Do you get the Glen Greenwald podcast? I signed up for it, and it’s pretty enjoyable.

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