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Happy Independence Day… Don't Forget to Smile!

Happy Independence Day, and Remember to Smile: the NSA is watching!Smile!
“The N.S.A. is believed to have gone beyond legal boundaries designed to protect Americans in about 8 to 10 separate court orders issued by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, according to three intelligence officials who spoke anonymously because disclosing such information is illegal. Because each court order could single out hundreds or even thousands of phone numbers or e-mail addresses, the number of individual communications that were improperly collected could number in the millions, officials said.”


“According to the reporter who first broke the NSA wiretapping story, there is no proof the agency has scaled back its interception of the personal phone calls and email messages of American citizens as promised by the Obama administration or even that it is being straight with Congress about its activities… one NSA analyst was even found to have been reading the private email of former President Bill Clinton.

Risen told MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann the next day that he knew of no other cases like the Clinton incident but that many NSA analysts had been abusing their powers in other ways. ‘It sounded like, from the former NSA analyst that we interviewed, that it was rare to access the emails of celebrities or famous people,’ Risen stated, ‘but that it was fairly routine, according to him, for people to access the emails of girlfriends or wives or other people that they might know.'”


Not a soul in Congress has added their support to a congressional surveillance inquiry for three weeks.

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