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Skreened offers $3-$4 Discounts on Custom Shirts for All July

Pssst. If you enter the coupon code “fireworks” at checkout when you buy one of our ethically-made-in-the-USA t-shirts from Skreened, you’ll get 15% off the cost. That comes out to $3-$4 off per shirt, a pretty good deal. The coupon will work through the entire month of July.

2 thoughts on “Skreened offers $3-$4 Discounts on Custom Shirts for All July”

  1. custom shirts says: offers a wide range of products for you to create custom T shirts, or design your own shirts online.

    [Oopsie! Poor widdle marketing agent had his widdle product placement messed with. Editor.]

  2. Thelonius Stevens says:

    Will there be any other good deals like this for custom t-shirts a bit later in the year? I am looking to get some shirts done for a family reunion in December.

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