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Mexican Green Party Gains, And Loses

The Ecologist Party of Mexico has enjoyed a victory in this weekend’s elections, gaining 8 seats in the national legislature, for a total of 25 seats. However, the party has been caught up in corruption scandals, and has recently decided to support the national reinstatement of the death penalty, given the death penalty’s current popularity in Mexico.

partido verde ecologistaThe Ecologist Party is the Mexican affiliate of the Green Party, and so its recent mixture of political success and ethical failure can be instructive for Green Party activists here in the United States. Currently, it’s easy for Green Party activists to be true to their ideals. After all the Green Party of the United States doesn’t really have much power at stake.

If the Green Party can summon the determination to gain power on the scale of the Ecological Party in Mexico, however, and gain 25 seats in Congress, then the ethical decisions it faces will begin to seem more complicated. How much will Green activists become willing to compromise for the sake of keeping their party’s seats in Congress? Will they begin to accept candidates who don’t support all of the Greens’ 10 Key Values, in the name of building a politically-relevant coalition? Will unscrupulous politicians begin to infiltrate the Green Party, seeing an opportunity for a career path leading to lucrative opportunities for bribery?

The Green Party of the United States has the opportunity now to establish structures that will be more resistant to corruption and the erosion of idealism than the structures of the Republican and Democratic parties have been. However, U.S. Greens ought not to be naive that their party will be free of these problems, merely because it is heavily populated by sincere idealists at present.

6 thoughts on “Mexican Green Party Gains, And Loses”

  1. qs says:

    The only way you get non-corrupt politicians is by making sure they aren’t professional politicians. Ideally the congressman should have worked in the private sector independently so that heshe is not dependent on the government dole.

    If the congressman is constantly under threat of losing his job and losing his chance to gain committee chairmanship and losing his chance to eventually become a lobbyist, then heshe will do anything to maintain hisher position.

    A career in politics means that you desire to control other people and make decisions for them, which is naturally corrupting anyway.

    Ideally we dissolve congress and put the governors back in control.

    1. J. Clifford says:

      I’m not as despairing as you, qs. I think that the problem occurs when politicians’ power gets ahead of the participation and education of citizens. At the foundation of political corruption, then, is citizen apathy and ignorance.

    2. Jim says:

      I think that having unpaid politicians would get you more corruption, not less. Pols would need to look elsewhere for their income. Think about underpaid police in some countries and who buys them off.

      1. qs says:

        I didn’t say unpaid. I said dependents. If the politicians are dependent on their job as politician then their entire career revolves around them keeping it. The job of politician is also responsible for their personal identity too, which gives them their self-esteem etc.

        That’s why career politicians are no good in 90 percent of cases. If you have someone that does something else first that they can fall back on or even better views politics as some sort of necessary (or unnecessary evil), and then comes into politics they end up less corrupt.

  2. qs says:

    The jury saw video of Richard Jefferson peddling hundreds of thousands of dollars today.

    Corrupt dem.

  3. Javier Reyes says:

    You must live in Mexico to know our reality. Thanks to USA drug consumption and arms commerce, Mexico is having a war against criminal organizations. Kidnaping and murders are everyday news in our country. Mexican Greens proposed death penalty to SAVE LIVES, because this punishment deters crimes such as kidnaping and murders.
    I can not understand First World Greens in this issue, they agree abortion, but they disapprove death penalty… They agree to punish an innocent, but they disagree to punish a guilty person !!

    A real ethical problem to Greens was the German military invasion to Kosovo aprroved by the German Greens! Using an humanitary argument they send they army to kill people in a war!!!!! I am quite sure that they killed more people in Kosovo that all the posible criminals condemn to death penalty in Mexico..

    The problem with “First World Greens” is that they think they own green filosophy, and they want to tell everyone what to do. First World Greens are realy not very diferent from tradicional imperialistic politicians.

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