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North Korea And Iran Agree On Nuclear Weapons!

Breaking News! The leaders of North Korea and Iran have agreed to limit the number of ready-to-launch nuclear weapons they have to 1,500 each, with additional nuclear warheads available to be placed on more missiles, should the nations decide to go to blast their enemies.

obama medvedev nukesGood news, right? Of course, it’s not exactly true. A disarmament deal of this variety has been reached, just not between Iran and North Korea. The deal was agreed to by Russia and the United States.

Yes, this agreement is a step in the right direction, but it’s one step that’s many miles from the end of that path. If we here in the USA are freaking out about the idea of North Korea or Iran having just a handful of nuclear weapons, then we cannot reasonably expect the world to be impressed with an agreement to reduce our nuclear arsenal to 1,500, plus a whole lot of spares in the atomic closet.

5 thoughts on “North Korea And Iran Agree On Nuclear Weapons!”

  1. SD (Pour convaincre) says:

    The great powers must disarm a part of their nuclear arsenal but they have to be aware of the dangers of the world (Iran, North Korea)
    Best regards

    1. Peregrin Wood says:

      North Korea and Iran must disarm a part of their nuclear arsenal but they have to be aware of the dangers of the great powers of the world (Russia, USA)
      Best regards

  2. qs says:

    Ya, but Biden told Israel this weekend that it was free to attack Iran to stop it if that’s what they wanted to do.

    Shouldn’t Biden be feeding chickens somewhere instead of being the VP?

  3. billy chowdhury says:

    Iran is one of the civilized nation on earth and it has no record to invade other nation. Iranian nuclear weapon will be emerged as peace creating weapon. In the Arab world, Iran must be a nuclear power nation in order to prevent Israel from biting Arab countries. Iran never attack any country unless it is attacked by it,s enemies. So God,s sake no one should be afraid of Iran,s weapon. As the New York Times,S editorial,s section said during the tenure of Bush administration that International community should set up an international nuclear energy facility center in Iran rather then threatening a potential energy producing country like Iran and that could be used for the welfare for mankind. What I suggest to big powers to allow Iran not only a nuclear power but a permanent member of the security council at the United Nation as muslim voice from the muslim world which consists of nearly 2 billion population in the world. If that happened, the world,s population would enjoy real peace and prosperity without facing invasion and terrorism. World should get rid off all nuclear weapon from a tiny country like Israel with couple million peoples. VP Biden,s recent remark injected with poison to nerves of every peace loving people around the world when He allow this tiny Israel to dance and attack on Iran.In this regard, Iran must need nuclear weapon to answer such provocative attitude. Mr VP biden forgot that American elected president Obama because of his campaign slogans that He would not create another war if he become president.Today, He answers Mr VP Biden for his incited remarks. We don,t want Mr Biden to follow Former VP Cheny.

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