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Green Party Locals Meeting In Arizona Tonight

We’ve endured eight years of Republican catastrophe, and then just when we thought that the disaster was over, the Democrats have turned around and decided to support much of the same insane agenda the Republicans were pushing. The face has changed, but the talk is the same.

So, what can we do? Turn around and vote Republican next time? No, we already know how ugly the Republican vision can be. It’s time for us to stop playing the game of running back between the corrupt Republicans and the corrupt Democrats. We can go a third way.

That’s what’s happening in Arizona this evening. In Mesa, the local Green Party chapter will be meeting at the Queens Pizza Shop at 125 West Main Street, 7:00 PM. In Tucson, the Greens will be meeting at 7:15 PM at 740 East Speedway. The University of Arizona Greens will be meeting at 5:00 PM in the in the Cottonwood Room at the Student Union.

Don’t let people tell you that you have any other choice than to support the Republicans or the Democrats. The Greens in Arizona are proving that more is possible.

One thought on “Green Party Locals Meeting In Arizona Tonight”

  1. Tom says:

    We’ll see how effective they are in the next sham election.

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