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What Summer News Matters?

Now that we’re smack-dab in the middle of the summer of 2009, we’re seeing the full media effect of the “silly season.” Newspapers are hashing and rehashing and re-rehashing the death of Michael Jackson, a figure most had forgotten, in no small part because it is a simple matter for a skeleton staff to dredge up pictures and old wire stories from the vault, plant a “Remember This?” preface on the front, and republish the old as new.

“News Analysis” on the future of Sarah Palin features prominently because she is more entertaining than a thousand LOLcats, but also because her behavior is so erratic as to make almost any prediction plausible. Will Palin run for President? Possibly. Will Palin stay home with her kids? Possibly. Will Palin become a radio host? Possibly. Will Palin join the speech circuit, or write a book, or sub for Jerry Springer, or go look at Russia, or join the circus? Possibly, possibly, possibly, possibly, possibly. Et voila: 8 stories for the paper, written from the beach!

While so many journalists are going on vacation (and more than a few are being sent on permanent vacation by budget-cutting publishers), the world keeps on turning and changes keep on happening. In politics particularly, the summer is one big, long Friday, a chance to enact dodgy policy or make embarrasing announcements when few reporters are asking questions and few Americans are paying attention.

In this time, it’s up to you and me to share what we know with one another. So tell me:

What’s going on right now that we need to know about? What important news is slipping by unnoticed?

13 thoughts on “What Summer News Matters?”

  1. qs says:

    Hmmm that author that was killed in Britain was interesting story, but hard to say what it means.

  2. randy ray haugen says:

    i know it has kind of slipped under the radar, but,
    i just heard that the lead singer from the “jackson five”
    died, as well. oh, you already heard that? well, that’s all there is folks and there ain’t no more.

  3. qs says:

    What about these census surveys? Do you think we should have to fill them out?
    Ron Paul on government census: none of their business!

    1. J. Clifford says:

      I’ve just been doing research on, and finding ancestors hundreds of years ago, because people bothered to keep good records. You know what my impression is when I come across a dead end? My impression is that the generation where there isn’t records for that person either went through some sort of trauma, or just couldn’t get its act together.

      Don’t be the dolt who leaves a gap for future generations, and diminishes representation in Congress in the present. I’m against unreasonable search and seizure of citizen information. A census is not unreasonable search and seizure. In fact, it’s required by the Constitution.

      For a guy who keeps talking about what’s constitutional and what’s not, Ron Paul has a shocking ignorance of the Constitution.

      1. qs says:

        A census is required by the constitution?

        Show me that.

        1. Green Man says:

          Article 1, Section 2

          1. qs says:

            It says nothing about a census or how they achieve that.

          2. qs says:

            “At least the national census has its origins in the Constitution, which is more than one can say about the vast majority of programs funded by Congress. Still, Article I makes it clear that the census should be taken every ten years for the sole purpose of congressional redistricting (and apportionment of taxes, prior to the disastrous 16th amendment). This means a simple count of the number of people living in a given area, so that numerically equal congressional districts can be maintained. The founders never authorized the federal government to continuously survey the American people.”-Paul

            I think that is reasonable. If the census people talk to you, you could just refuse to tell them your name or anything but just tell them the number of people living at your residence.

            The problem is their ability to fine you and such.

            So it’s probably best not to talk to them at all if possible.

      2. qs says:

        Also I object to the government collecting any information at all.

        1. F.G. Fitzer says:

          So, you object to police interviewing witnesses to a murder.

          1. qs says:

            Federal agents?


  4. Kevin says:

    Also I object to the government telling me what to do and taking away my beer!

  5. randy ray haugen says:

    and then there’s that michael jackson story. the memorial was yesterday. tomorrow is the post-memorial. day before yesterday was the pre-memorial. and then there’s the tributes. this story could last the entire summer and into the fall.
    i was going to have my own i-pod tribute to “the king” then i realized i have no m.j. in my collection. damn!

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