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Blue Dogs Say Health Care Isn't About You

The Blue Dog Democrats, that coalition of Democrats in the House of Representatives who believe that the Democratic Party should be more like the Republican Party, says it wants to clear up a misconception.

They’re worried that people believe that health care reform is about serving the health care needs of the American people. “Some people are getting confused and believing that the primary purpose behind health care reform is making health care affordable and accessible for everyone,” says Blue Dog leader Michael Ross.

So what is health care reform really about? It’s about “cost containment”, says Ross. Your health is the cost the Blue Dogs want to contain, and they’re not about to let something like a plan to create affordable, accessible health care interfere with their agenda.

2 thoughts on “Blue Dogs Say Health Care Isn't About You”

  1. Adam says:

    Having worked in the healthcare industry the past few years, what I can tell is this:

    So long as the healthcare industry focuses on profits, it will be nothing more than an industry. Why do you think no major cure has been discovered since we eradicated polio? The money isn’t in the cure…the money is in the treatment.

  2. Tom says:

    Adam, fix your link so we can see to what it is you’re referring.

    The whole capitalist model of EVER INCREASING PROFITS is what got Wall Street and corporations in the situation they’re in now – UNSUSTAINABLE! Corporations are dinosaurs and are going to become as extinct as the rest of the human race in the slow motion environmental train wreck we’re going through.

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