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Bush Spying Was Really Big, Brother

Breaking news (on a Friday in summertime, which means they hope you’ll forget about it): An inspectors general report reveals that the spying programs begun under George W. Bush, and continued under Barack Obama, are much, much larger than has been previously revealed.

These inspectors general are the ones concocted under the FISA Amendments Act, which legalized massive electronic surveillance and warrantless physical search powers in the government, used against American citizens. When Barack Obama broke his promise last year and decided to vote for the FISA Amendments Act after all, Democrats justified Obama’s betrayal by saying that these inspectors general would have the power to reveal what was really going on in the spying program, and that, surely, would keep us safe.

Now, the inspectors general tell us that we’re being spied against a lot – a whole lot – but they say that we can’t be told how we’re being watched by our government. How does that protect us from the spying? These inspectors general are toothless.

Associated Press writer Pamela Hess tries to explain why the inspectors general won’t tell us how Bush and Obama are violating our constitutional rights: The spy programs are “still too secret to reveal” she says.

Stop. Read that phrase five times. Now, think.

How can something be “too secret to reveal”? If you reveal it…

…it won’t be too secret any more, will it?

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