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Congressional Democrats Will Investigate When It’s About Them

One Democratic Representative, Jane Harman, supported warrantless wiretapping for years and objected only when it turned out that the target was herself. Harman’s combination of self-interest and blase disregard for others is not an exception in the U.S. Congress. This weekend, Democrats in Congress are finally indicating an interest in investigating a secret spying program carried out by the CIA. Americans aren’t being told what this secret spying program involves, but congressional Democrats are publicly declaring that they’ve had enough. Now they’re going to open an investigation, maybe!

Congressional Democrats didn’t cry “Enough!” when it emerged that the U.S. Government has engaged in hundreds and possibly more acts of torture.

Congressional Democrats didn’t cry “Enough!” when it was revealed that the U.S. Government had engaged in massive warrantless wiretapping against people inside and outside the USA.

Congressional Democrats haven’t yet cried “Enough!” to the continuing war (with what aim?) in Iraq and the escalating war (with what aim?) in Afghanistan.

On the specific, solitary issue of this secret classified surveillance program by the CIA, Congressional Democrats are up in arms. Why? It’s not because people got hurt. It’s not because of the violation of Americans’ constitutional rights. Members of Congress are up in arms and crying “Investigation!” because members of Congress weren’t told about the program.

Don’t get me wrong; cross-branch communication is an important issue. But this pattern of action vs. inaction highlights the need for members of Congress who are as concerned about the well-being and civil liberites of their fellow human beings as they are about their personal prerogatives.

4 thoughts on “Congressional Democrats Will Investigate When It’s About Them”

  1. Tom says:

    One of the reasons i enjoy your site is the sharing and discussion of the continuing evidence of our broken government. Here we see how the most important principle that Congress operates on is SELF interest (or self preservation). i’m sure the founding fathers would be proud. i’ll believe in the investigation of Bush/Cheney (et al) when it actually occurs, and even then i won’t expect much more than a “slap on the wrist” for these psychopathic fascist goons who’ve trashed our democracy for their cronies’ interests and have allowed the looting of our treasury and war crimes (including the massive spying on us) to happen, all under our name.

  2. qa says:

    I think you missed this one i posted for u

    1. Jim says:

      I didn’t miss it. I didn’t remark on it because the premise is false; the CNN article doesn’t say that the president “gets” to decide; it said “there is discussion on whether Congress needs to be briefed.” The law decides whether Congress needs to be briefed, and it’s the responsibility of the executive to follow the law. That’s a crucial difference.

      I also didn’t remark on it because I have no idea whether it’s true or not; I wasn’t there. The CNN article is based on anonymous opinionating, not documented evidence, so I have no idea how to even go about answering the question.

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