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Kissing Against the Law In Salt Lake City

If you visit Salt Lake City, make sure that you don’t get too friendly. It turns out that public displays of affection are against the law there, at least for certain people.

Last week, a young couple was placed in handcuffs while standing in what they thought was a public plaza on Main Street Salt Lake City, but was in fact property recently transferred from the city government to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints – the Mormons. What was the offense? A kiss… on the cheek.

Apparently, security guards prowl the Main Street Plaza, waiting, ever-vigilant, in case people kiss. The handcuffed couple was also accused of speaking dirty words, but that was after they were handcuffed.

The couple was gay, but the Mormons say they’ll handcuff any couple at all who tries to kiss out in public. I haven’t been able to find any record of heterosexual couples getting taken into custody for kissing while in Salt Lake City, though.

The Mormons say that they’re protecting marriage. I wonder, though, how anyone is ever going to get married if they can’t even kiss.

4 thoughts on “Kissing Against the Law In Salt Lake City”

  1. RobertW says:

    Wow. It’s difficult to imagine how you could make so many factual errors in one short piece. Nice work.

  2. Peregrin Wood says:

    Why don’t you point out some of them, Robert? Can you, or are you just counting on people to have blind faith in your assertion?

  3. Quinn says:

    One factual error: the plaza on which the gay couple was kissing is PRIVATE property owned by the church, and so they can set what ever rules they want. When someone is asked to leave, as the couple was, and refuse they become trespassers and can be arrested or cited.

  4. Collin says:

    Other Factual Errors:

    1) Public Displays of affection are not ilegal in Salt Lake City.

    2) The couple was cited for trespassing, not kissing.

    3) The couple knew that they were on private property. They state this in the current issue of Salt Lake City Weekly.

    4) The property was sold to the LDS church in 1999. The city traded the public easement rights in 2003; hardly recent.

    5) I guarantee you can’t give documentation where any church official says they will have ANYONE arrested for kissing.

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