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Sarah Palin Reports That Reportedly Sarah Palin Will Stay in Politics

Sarah Palin has linked from her facebook page and her SarahPAC fundraising website to a blogger’s musing that recent events:

lead one to believe that she is indeed planning to do what she must: build an independent conservative movement and take this nation back from the liberals which now control both parties. One thing I will say, the Washington Times with their headline for this exclusive interview reveal an anti-Palstioin stance…

I’d take this as a pretty solid indication that Sarah Palin is A) planning to stay in politics and B) still amusingly off-kilter. The standard Sunday Talk Show question in reaction to her bizarre third-hand first-hand revelation: what form of political involvement will she maintain? Regardless of how politically involved Palin intends to be, how much of a base can she maintain from the ideological position that the Republican Party is too liberal and with the notion that a right-wing Washington Times is somehow in on the vast left-wing anti-Palin conspiracy?

One thought on “Sarah Palin Reports That Reportedly Sarah Palin Will Stay in Politics”

  1. Tom says:

    She may want to be dictator in chief and to abolish Congress. If the ultra-fascist, neo-con infested, right wing Republicans are too liberal for her, what’s more to the right than that? Emperor? i can see it now – a remake of Caligula, but with Palin in the lead role.

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