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F-22 Waste Exposed At New Depths

As I’ve watched political maneuvering in Congress to push through wasteful spending on the F-22 fighter jet, I’ve shifted from hope, to amused resignation. New information revealed by the Washington Post just as the weekend began has me shifting into indignation.

The military has tried to end the F-22 program, given that the F-22 is an unneeded, excessively-expensive machine that still doesn’t work right, in spite of two decades of development. However, Congress just won’t let the F-22 die. Many members of Congress think that the F-22 is valuable because its production creates some jobs, though the same number of jobs could be created in the production of something that our country actually needs – something that doesn’t put American pilots in danger every time they climb inside it.

It turns out that the F-22 is so poorly designed that it can only be flown for 1.7 hours before it starts breaking down so rapidly that it is in danger of falling out of the sky. Furthermore, for every hour that the F-22 is in the sky, it needs 34 hours of repairs.

Imagine if the government hired a worker to commute 17 hours before coming to work for one hour, and then driving back home for 17 hours again. Republicans would be up in arms about the waste. Yet, every Republican on the House Armed Services Committee has voted in favor of spending more money on buying F-22 jet fighters. Why? Does waste look better to a Republican when it comes with wings?

Of course, the Republicans are in the minority on the House Armed Services Committee. So, the F-22 funding didn’t pass, right? Wrong. Six of the Democrats on the House Armed Services Committee joined the Republicans to help them push the F-22 back into the military budget.

5 thoughts on “F-22 Waste Exposed At New Depths”

  1. Adam says:

    Eh…I’ve found that the Washington Post has become less and less reliable lately…still, it does appear that there are some legs to this story:

    Check that link out. Professional pilots, both commercial and military, discussing the Washington Post article. Enjoy!

  2. Tom says:

    More corruption, fraud and cronyism – what a surprise.

  3. matt m. says:

    re: F22: It’s ok to have an agenda, and your’s is out there. I take issue with your talking point. (1.7 hrs to 34 hrs) I have seen the “Raptor Demo Team” perform at numerous airshows. These plane cris-cross the nation throughout the year to amaze the attendees at what the plane can and will do. The hours in the air add up quickly. They have shown up to all their show dates and performed well. They are very complex aircraft. Nothing elso can touch it in the air. Thats why it’s called an AIR SUPERIORITY FIGHTER. When you own the airspace, you end up winning the war. Silly Liberals like you and your readers will never understand that fact. The maintenance you speak of can also be things like… computer data-logging aquisition perhaps? The plane is much needed and takes the place of many pilots and planes with lesser capabilities. Our foes are out there building planes to take us on. We must be ready (and able) to take them on without doubt and disolve the threat. Then again– why would a Liberal care about that notion?

    1. Peregrin Wood says:

      Matt, it’s not a talking point. It’s a piece of information.

      I’ve provided you with a link to show the source of my information: Test results performed by the military itself, and reported by the Washington Post.

      What’s your source of information? You’ve watched an F-22 fly at an air show.

      Tell me, Matt, when has the F-22 actually been used, other than at an air show? Give me sources.

  4. lee says:

    I totally argeed with matt…
    owned the’ve owned the war
    by using the advanced stealth..your government is trying to give the best protection to you and its troops.
    there’s a saying in Sun Tzu (THE ART OF WAR)..” hired the troops for a thousand days , just to use it for a moment”

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