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Why Does Orange Alert Continue?

I remember, when George W. Bush was President, how Democrats would criticize the color-coded Homeland Security alert system. They rightly called the system vague, arbitrary and unhelpful. If a Democrat was in the White House, they said, a better, more rational transportation security alert system would be put into place.

Well, that Democrat is in the White House now, and has been for a while. Yet, the nation’s airports are still under a Code Orange Alert. That same old color-coded system that was put into place under President Bush is still there, without any changes I can see.

It’s been almost eight years now since there has been an airplane-based terrorist attack. There is no credible information leading the government to believe that any specific plots exist targeting American airplanes.

So, why are we still at a Code Orange Alert? In this old system, Code Orange Alert means that there is a “high risk” of terrorist attack.

We’ve had thousands of days with this supposed “high risk” of terrorist attack, and yet there’s been not even any attempt at an attack. This Homeland Security system continues to be based upon a faith, a belief in a kind of nationalist religious cult, that terrorists on the verge of swarming through airports across the USA.

If people want to engage in this kind of fearful faith, let them set up private churches of fear, where they can drape the altars of the Homeland gods in orange cloth, and place metal detectors at every door.

For the government to continue to support this Homeland cult, however, is a waste of money and a poison to our free society.

2 thoughts on “Why Does Orange Alert Continue?”

  1. Tom says:

    The real alert should be to the lack of justice in our banana republic: the Fed is funneling our money to Wall Street in prelude to the big collapse (and printing ‘funny money’), Bush and Cheney have clearly gotten away with murder, misusing their office for financial gain and the complete fraud of their war (for oil), and the mortgage and insurance industries (especially the health insurance corporations) are scams – and this is all just for starters.
    Many of our government watchdog agencies have catered to the very polluters (Big Coal), abusers of the commonwealth (logging, mining, gas and oil, and recreation in our state and federal preserves) and Big Pharma weakened the FDA during Bush’s tenure, FEMA is a joke and the Army Corp of Engineers should be held accountable for the poorly built levy system they erected in New Orleans, for some more examples of our injustice system. i could go on for quite a while, but you begin to see the pattern: the citizens are under attack by their own government for minor nonsense while the corporate sector (who now run the government) gets away with HUGE abuses, malfeasance, fraud, pollution and other crimes.

    Once again – how are we to fix this broken government? It’s already gone on for 8 or more years now, so obviously no one on the inside is going to do anything about it.

    Shall we keep funding it with our tax dollars? Do we have to wait for the actual collapse of our government before we the people (who can’t agree on very much, are leaderless and lazy, and wouldn’t know what to do about it anyway) rise up from our sofas and walk to the bathroom or kitchen between distracting tv shows?

  2. dave says:


    It’s the typical “boy crying wolf” problem of it meaning absolutely nothing after 3 or 4 years at the same place. How can we be in a constant state of alert without it changing it once?

    I did year from David Sirota this morning on the radio that they may be thinking of dumping it. I won’t hold my breath though.

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