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Al Franken Is Now Norm Coleman On No-Bid Contracts

Here’s a little follow-up to the article I wrote earlier today about the non-impact of Al Franken in the U.S. Senate. Less than a year ago, candidate Al Franken ran a television advertisement that blasted Norm Coleman for doing nothing in the Senate to stop corrupt no-bid government contracts. The advertisement declared,

“This may be the worst Norm Coleman’s done. As chairman of the most powerful investigative committee in the Senate, Norm Coleman had the perfect perch to look into no-bid contracts in Iraq. But Coleman did nothing.”

Now Al Franken has Norm Coleman’s seat in the United States Senate, and Franken has taken action on the issue of no-bid government contracts. He has voted in favor of them.

Yes, you read that right. With not even a month in office, without even his official Senate web site up and running, Al Franken has already managed to break a major campaign promise. Franken said that he would vote against no-bid government contracts, but he just voted against the legislation that would prohibit such contracts.

The legislation in question is an amendment offered by Senator Tom Coburn to a Homeland Security appropriations bill. The amendment, Amdt. No. 1434, would have required competitive awarding of contracts by the Department of Homeland Security, banning no-bid contracts.

Senator Franken voted against the amendment. Why, if he really believed that Norm Coleman should have fought against no-bid contracts, isn’t Franken willing to do the same?

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