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Conservative World View in Six Words

The conservative e-mail advertising juggernaut Human Events has managed to encapsulate the right-wing world view in just six words:

BANG: Bad Guy Dies, You Live

This understanding of the world explains a whole lot.

3 comments to Conservative World View in Six Words

  • Liberal world view in six words

    If it feels good, do it

  • Tom

    Bumper sticker platitudes no longer work. Who determines who the “bad guys” are, who is doing the shooting, why is the “bad guy” “bad”? Vague and undefined doesn’t cut it any more because, since the FISA fiasco and the Patriot Act, we’re ALL bad guys until “they” who are snooping on us make a determination (based on what?).

    If you want a short rebuttal, try: Fuck you, go away.

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