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Has Al Qaeda Declared Victory Yet, Steve King?

More than a year ago, on March 7 2008, Representative Steve King of Iowa made a prediction about what would happen if Barack Obama was elected president. Starting off with a classic “now, I’m not a bigot, but…” introduction, he made this prophesy:

Republican Representative Steve King of IowaI don’t want to disparage anyone because of their race, their ethnicity, their name – whatever their religion their father might have been. I’ll just say this: When you think about the optics of a Barack Obama potentially getting elected President of the United States, I mean, what does this look like to the rest of the world? What does it look like to the world of Islam? I will tell you that, if he is elected president, then the radical Islamists, the al Qaeda, the radical Islamists and their supporters, will be dancing in the streets in greater numbers than they did on September 11 because they will declare victory in this War on Terror.

Barack Obama was elected President of the United States eight months ago, Rep. King. Has “the al Qaeda” declared victory in the War on Terror yet? Seems more like their representatives have been nonplussed and sputtering.

7 thoughts on “Has Al Qaeda Declared Victory Yet, Steve King?”

  1. Adam says:

    Feh. This sounds like the mutterings of another Republican who couldn’t believe the country was going to go back to the Democrats. If Republicans would stop acting like children throwing a tantrum, banded together, and sat down and put some serious effort into things, people would see how useless the Democrats are…instead, the Republicans are making themselves even MORE useless.

    PS. I bought the HTC Ozone because of your review, and have written my own! Check it out:

  2. qs says:

    Steve King wastes his time being concerned about the dumbest shit.

  3. Tom says:

    This is your government in action, get used to it and don’t expect much of anything coming our of it to improve your life.

  4. Tom says:

    oops, i meant OUT not our.

  5. qs says:


    Do you think that if you’re a U.S. citizen that you are protected under Freedom of Speechassociation to join any group you want to like the Weather Underground (anti-conscription), the Al Qaeda (terrorist), the KKK (racist) or whatever group you want to?

    1. Jim says:

      Do you mean practically under current law or hypothetically under the guidance of the constitution?

  6. qs says:

    Add in the Mafia to that list or some of these gangs.

    err just whatever group you want I mean.

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