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Psst! Hey You! Embed this Confidential Video on Your Website

I thought something fishy was up when I got an e-mail from the right-wing e-mail marketing scheme called “Human Events.” The title of the e-mail: Confidential Video Briefing From Sen. Jim DeMint and Steve Forbes. Oooh! Is this quiet, hush-hush information that is being leaked on the sly to li’l ol’ me? Why, I feel so important! So central! So included! So valued and valuable! Why, I feel my fingers inching toward my wallet… right now!

A click on the included link — an unencrypted link — takes me to this web page of the National Right to Work Foundation:

Confidential Video for you to Embed on Your Website

Yes, the title of this website also indicates an “Urgent and Confidential Video Briefing.” But golly gee, do you notice that li’l “embed” icon in the upper-right hand corner of the video? I checked; the embed option works.

Does that mean that Senator Jim DeMint is involved in an effort to leak confidential video material? Or is this a just another marketing scam? Quick! Let’s call the Barack Obama birth certificate conspiracy investigators and get them on the case!

One thought on “Psst! Hey You! Embed this Confidential Video on Your Website”

  1. qs says:

    I like DeMint most of the time.

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