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Christians For Blasphemy!

I felt a bit confused when I saw this protest sign: Christians Against Blasphemy.

christians against blasphemy

I wondered – who could these people be protesting? Then, I saw this other protest sign: God Will Punish Us For This Blasphemy

god will punish us for this blasphemy protest sign

All of a sudden, it became clear: These Christians were protesting both for and against themselves. They hated blasphemy, but on the other hand, were performing blasphemy, by claiming to know what their own God believes and wants.

How ironic! How artistic! How avant sense!

The Christians Against Blasphemy are protesting the Christians For Blasphemy, and the two groups, it seems, are one and the same.

One thought on “Christians For Blasphemy!”

  1. Save Maumee Grassroots says:

    This is another good one….YOU ROCK!

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