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Idler? Relid! Website Disses Twitter in Short Form

When I was sent on to a post from the Idler declaring that:

From today, all orders that we send out will include a nice little letterpress bookmark, featuring a picture of a little birdie and the phrase: “Read, Don’t Twitter”.

my first response was to rise up in dudgeon. Why is it that some forms get all the respect and others get none? Take haiku. It’s even shorter in form than a “tweet,” but people venerate it as one of the most high and graceful forms of poetry. Why is haiku grand but twitter declasse? More poorly thought of than the tweet is the bumper sticker. Folks are fond of decrying “bumper sticker politics,” making the implicit assumption that a simply expressed idea is a poor one. I disagree. What is a bumper sticker, or a post on twitter, but a short format that can be well-filled or poorly filled?

Oh, I was ready ride the wagon into town on this one. I started noting the multiple appearances of short form expressions at… why, they were all over the place! Pithy quotations! Event listings! Book abstracts! Short blog postings! Aaaaah! Aaaaah!

Short… blog… postings…

That Idler post announcing the distribution of anti-twitter bookmarks? Without spaces, it’s 139 characters.

"Never mind." -- Emily Litella
"What she said." -- Me

3 thoughts on “Idler? Relid! Website Disses Twitter in Short Form”

  1. John Beasley says:

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    1. Jim says:

      Dude, proofread before you cut and paste!

    2. F.G. Fitzer says:

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