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Obama To Expand Military Yet Again

Barack Obama has already submitted a request to Congress to dramatically expand the size of military spending. Now, the Obama Administration is pushing to expand the size of the military again – this time, by swelling the size of the U.S. Army by 22,000 soldiers.

The military has been expanding for years, gaining new recruits by lowering the standards for admission to the Army to include high school drop outs, convicted criminals, middle-aged volunteers, and dunces unable to pass a simple mental aptitude test. So, how is the Army going to find even more new recruits?

It’s not going to be by raising standards, that’s for sure. Maybe President Obama is hoping that the ongoing economic disaster will produce enough desperation out of young, out-of-work Americans to boost enlistment in spite of what America has learned over the last decade about what really happens once the military recruiter has convinced a target to sign on the dotted line.

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