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CafePress T-Shirt Contest Closed to Entrants Who Annoy Them

Print-on-demand t-shirt seller CafePress has announced a contest for designing a t-shirt in which it will reward 5 winners with a Flip Mino. Everybody else who enters has to agree to sell their t-shirt via the Marketplace, on which designers make less than $3 a shirt; outside the Marketplace designers could make $8 or more. You can see why it’s in CafePress’ interest to hold this contest and integrate designers into their lower-profit Marketplace system.

From the standpoint of CafePress’ own pursuit of profit, it has to try something: my reading of the statistics shows a decline of 15% in the rate of addition of new designs to the CafePress Marketplace today compared to four months ago. Given CafePress’ track record, you’d expect the contest to contain intimations of privacy waivers and declarations of the right to suspend or alter the contest whenever CafePress wants. It’s typical corporate behavior, and CafePress is a typical corporation.

What I find amusing and noteworthy about this contest is CafePress’ declaration that it will block the contest participation of any person or t-shirt design that it finds to be “annoying.”

Gosh. I guess a “Fuck CafePress” shirt is out of the question.

4 thoughts on “CafePress T-Shirt Contest Closed to Entrants Who Annoy Them”

  1. Kiwi says:

    That’s funny, I completely ignored that contest. I wonder what they consider “annoying”? I’m reading the contest rules… boy they really sold it, it sounds so fun with those legal terms. I’ll pass.

  2. Rich says:

    New submissions down by only 15 percent? Gosh, I would’ve thought it would be more. I know I find it hard to get excited about designing anything new for them and their lousy buck and a half a shirt.

  3. Broke says:

    Thanks for the laugh. the “fuck cafepress” t-shirt idea had me rolling. I haven’t submitted a design since they lowered the volume bonus and since this new 10% inception I am just waiting for my premium shop subscription, which I paid a year in advance for, runs out so I can delete my entire shop. I was one of Cafepress’ top 10 shopkeepers. I made them a butt ton of money. They used to send me free shit all of the time and never even offered to kiss me before they fucked me this time. I agree fuck Cafepress, fuck them in the ass.

  4. Craig says:

    I couldn’t believe my eyes when I receive the email announcing the “gouge the artist” policy instituted by last June. I sent them an email complaining of the move and received this reply: “Although most of your sales are through the Marketplace, your mark up isn’t as high that this change will highly impact you. Reviewing your account, this change may have a small impact so I apologize for the misunderstanding.”
    The fact is, as they knew, that more than 80% of my sales were through the Marketplace, and that rate of income was reduced by 60%…so this was a lie. I wrote back to them, but received no reply. I plan to pull all of my designs as soon as I can set up a shop at Zazzle. It wasn’t so much the move itself, as it was the hypocritical attitude that followed.

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