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What the Federal Government Is Doing in Utah

utah train linePeople of a libertarian bent often ask “What has the federal government ever done for you?”

Well, in the case of Utah, here’s one thing that the federal government is doing: While the free market is ignoring the problem of traffic congestion and lethal air pollution around Salt Lake City, the federal government is coming in and paying for the creation of a new commuter rail line running from the center of the city to the north, out past Ogden.

The new rail line will reduce traffic and air pollution, as well as cutting energy prices, lowering our nation’s dependence on fossil fuels. The construction, maintenance and operation of the line will provide lots of jobs, and improve the economy of Salt Lake City.

Well, besides that, what has the federal government ever done for anybody? Lots, actually. The new Salt Lake City commuter line is just one project among many, many projects that the free market system is too heartless, blind and just plain dense to engage in.

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