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Why is Obama Apologizing About This?

President Barack Obama isn’t apologizing for promoting expanded offshore drilling. He isn’t saying he’s sorry for blocking protections for polar bears, or ignoring other endangered species petitions. Obama isn’t expressing remorse for abandoning the roadless rule he said he’d work to uphold. Obama isn’t apologizing for knocking single payer health care off the table from the start, or for keeping George W. Bush’s massive spy operations against American citizens going, or for establishing kangaroo courts, or promoting imprisonment without trial or criminal charges, or for defying the Freedom of Information Act to help Bush and Cheney cover up their torture regime, or for mixing church and state through his expanded “faith-based initiatives”, or for sending Justice Department lawyers to court to spread some slurs against gays and lesbians now and again.

There’s a lot of awful things that Barack Obama is doing that he doesn’t seem to feel the need to apologize for. So, why the hell does he have to apologize for saying that it’s stupid for police officers to arrest a man seen trying to get back inside his own house after the man has shown the police officers identification proving that it’s his house?

2 thoughts on “Why is Obama Apologizing About This?”

  1. Tom says:

    It’s a “black” thing, you wouldn’t understand . . .

  2. Jim says:

    Actually, I think it’s a “police” thing.

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