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Breaking News From the 1800s!

I hopped. I skipped. I ran across an odd article from a site claiming to be Breaking News 24/7. The breaking news from the article was that the first recorded use of the word gongoozler took place in the late 1800s in the book Narrow Boat by T.C. Rolt.

I think that news has been broken for a while now. 24/7 and everything.

A gongoozler is a person who likes to watch canals – kind of like a trainspotter, but slower. It seems that gongoozlers are a particularly British kind of person. About 15,000 people are thought to live on boats in canals in London. Some real gongoozlers can be found over at the Canal Card Collectors Circle, which is affiliated with, but not completely consumed by, the Inland Waterways Association.

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