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Irregular Rorschach Blots

I’ve noticed, when we write about certain kinds of subjects here at Irregular Times, people have a way of missing what we’re actually saying because of what they’re expecting to see. It’s like they’ve got an image in their minds of the article they’ve visited, pre-existing any actual reading of the article, and that pre-existent image is superimposed on the article that’s actually there.

The thought occurred to me that our articles are kind of like linguistic online rorschach tests. Can rorschach tests be rigged? Can you manipulate them to get people to get the impression you seek to convey?

Take our very own original rorschach test to help me see if it can be done. Just take a look at the image, and write the first three words that come to mind, without thinking about it too much. Then, look at the picture again, and write three more words.

irregular rorschach test

What does it mean?

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