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Extraterrestrial Hacker Coming the USA, Maybe

It was three years ago that I happened upon the case of Gary McKinnon, a 2nd rate hacker from the United Kingdom who used cut rate tools to slip his way into U.S. goverment computers in search of hidden evidence of encounters with extraterrestrial life. The United States was seeking his extradition. Yesterday, a British court ruled that McKinnon’s appeals to stop the extradition were without merit, and ordered him shipped across the Atlantic to stand trial here.

Is it really all over for McKinnon? I doubt it. Three years ago, they said that McKinnon was facing quick extradition after an earlier court ruling, but his lawyers filed an appeal. The word is that McKinnon is preparing a new appeal already.

McKinnon has said that, while searching through U.S. government computers, he saw evidence that the American feds are using technology that was obtained from an extraterrestrial organization. What could that technology be?

Personally, I think that it’s that funny chain of little balls that is used to keep pens attached to customer service counters in post offices.

Any other guesses?

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