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Military Spending Promise Kept?

Speaking in October 2007 about military spending, presidential candidate Barack Obama promised, “”I will cut tens of billions of dollars in wasteful spending… I don’t posture on defense policy.”

The military appropriations legislation passed just last week by the House of Representatives, which President Obama supports and is prepared to sign into law, increases the military budget to 58 percent of discretionary spending. In 2005, President George W. Bush had increased the military budget as well – to 51 percent of discretionary spending.

Democrats, do you count this as a promise kept?

2 thoughts on “Military Spending Promise Kept?”

  1. Tom says:

    Since it doesn’t matter whether or not they keep their promises (after all Bush ruined the country and look what happened – we elected a guy who’s not only protecting him from prosecution, he’s extending his bad policies on the financial mess, foreign policy, and now the military budget), since the country is already bankrupt, corrupt from the White House and Congress to local “governance”, and now run by the corporate sector, the Democrats can do as they please. We’ll be a third world country in very short order – probably by the next election.

    Off topic – did you see where Al Franken berated T. Boone Pickens for Pickens’ financing of the Swift Boaters? Not that Pickens, a billionaire, could give a shit, but it did rile him up at the time.

  2. Octavia Obama says:

    Yes, It’s needed. More uniformed military is great! I think the President of The US should be flow by the US military instead of using civilan planes anyways. That’s my ROTC training though!

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