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Whipping Benjamin Franklin

Good old Benjamin Franklin, Founding Father, we are taught to adore. We spend him on the 100 dollar bill, he is given such reverence.

Do you revere Franklin’s ideals? Do you know what they were?

Let me throw this one your way, an aphorism published in his Poor Richard’s Almanac: “Love well, whip well.”

Benjamin Franklin becomes a little bit less cuddly upon inspection.

I wonder how the pro-whipping aphorism can be reconciled with another of Franklin’s Poor Richard aphorisms: “Those who are feared are hated.”

2 comments to Whipping Benjamin Franklin

  • Anonymous

    Maybe he made home made whipped cream…

  • John Stracke

    Last Christmas, my sister-in-law gave me a T-shirt saying, “The first duty of any citizen is to QUESTION AUTHORITY. — Benjamin Franklin”. I found it odd that “question authority” was backed up by an appeal to authority.

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