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Is Violence Okay When American Women Do It?

One of the more consistent aspects of the War On Terror has been the criticism of Muslim treatment of women. Tales of husbands beating their wives in bloody revenge for the women’s adultery have been part of this narrative: See JihadWatch and the Australian Islamist Monitor. This violence is condemned by Westerners, who say that they can’t understand how a society could tolerate such violence.

But then, here in the United States, we have learned this morning of the case of a man in Wisconsin who was beaten and sexually assaulted because he had committed adultery. He was tied to a bed, beaten by four women, was threatened with shooting, and had his penis stuck to his stomach with superglue. The women planned further torments, but were forced to flee when the man started screaming in pain.

A particularly disturbing part of the story is the reaction of many people to it. People are writing comments such as:

I have absolutely no sympathy for this man. He deserved exactly what he got.

Way to go, girls!!! Best thing I’ve read all day. LOL

Wow. These women are my hero.

He got what he had coming to him. I think the women taught him that there are consequences for his behavior and next time he might end up with something even more permanent than Krazy Glue!

Imagine that these statements weren’t being made about a man in Wisconsin, but about a woman in Saudi Arabia. The next time you wonder how a foreign culture can be so brutal, you might want to take a closer look at your own culture first.

3 comments to Is Violence Okay When American Women Do It?

  • Tom

    This is only a small example of how sick our global civilization has become. When war is the normal state of affairs, when starvation is tolerated as a matter of course, when corporations can sell toxic products to us with only profit as the main concern (along with the idea of limited liability), when “the rich and powerful” have a special place in the halls of justice, when the law itself is broken by the highest office in the land with impunity, all the way down to the way we grow crops and food, distribute them, and dispose of our waste, when we overfish the seas with no regard for the health of the ocean – it’s all unsustainable.

    Since we’re not very adaptable to change (going by history), i believe it’s too late to do anything about it – ie. humanity will definitely not change in time to “save” themselves from the consequences we know are coming, while all the ones we don’t know – can’t even imagine – will be the one(s) to deliver the coup de grace to us.

  • What these particular women did was, of course, a crime. Presumably the legal system will be able to handle the problem. Suppose we all agree to be glad the victim wasn’t seriously injured? As for those who support this kind of behavior, what was the incitement? That the guy committed adultery?

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