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In Hard Times, Thaddeus McCotter Pushes Tax Benefits for the Rich

Economic times are hard and budgets are getting tighter. Towns are closing the doors on public libraries as states cut library funding, and federal budget deficits are soaring due to decreased tax revenue. On the personal front, so many people have been losing their jobs for so long that a decline in the rate at which jobs are being lost is being taken for good news.

In these hard times for most government and personal budgets, what is the work of Representative Thaddeus McCotter? Last year, McCotter introduced the Student Enhancement Act (H.R. 5996), a bill to make up to $10,000 in expenses for private tutors tax deductible each year. This year, McCotter has introduced the HAPPY Act (H.R. 3501), a bill to make up to $3,500 in spending on a pet tax deductible each year.

Who is most liable to think up ways (like doggie cotillion dresses and bridal gowns) to spend $3,500 on Lady Squeakums each year? And who has an extra $10,000 lying around to be tossed at private tutors for young Randolph? The answer: precisely those people who need tax deductions the least.

Finding new ways for rich people to write off their lavish spending does not fit with the times, not unless your district includes the highly affluent towns northwest of Detroit and your name is Thaddeus McCotter.

8 thoughts on “In Hard Times, Thaddeus McCotter Pushes Tax Benefits for the Rich”

  1. qs says:

    There is never a bad tax cut.

    1. Rowan says:

      So, you would characterize a tax cut that gave the super-rich the freedom not to pay taxes, but left the rest of us paying taxes, as not bad?

      How about a tax cut that’s provided to a particular industry, which has been bribing the members of Congress who provide that tax cut? Is that not a bad tax cut?

      1. qs says:

        I support NO TAXES period.

        This isn’t about fairness. Say one one person gets a broken leg. That doesn’t mean everyone should have to get one so that it’s fair. The more people who escape the government the better.

        1. Rowan says:

          Which is why you never use the post office, or listen to a weather report facilitated by the National Weather Service, right? Because government is just plain rotten, and the less of it the better, period. And, you certainly won’t go to the police if someone breaks into your house and robs your stuff, right?

          1. qs says:

            Well you use whatever is cheapest and available. People respond to incentives. The government owns the roads so you have to use them.

            Look a liberal might not support a tax rebate, but if you get one you’re still going to keep the money the government gave you back. Just look at Ted Kennedy. He doesn’t even pay his own estate tax laws he helped pass and advocated.
            Kennedy dodges estate tax and pays only 135K on a 300 million dollar estate.

            Not that I blame him…

  2. Tom says:

    qs: Don’t be naive. No government would be anarchy where the biggest gang of thugs with the most firepower dictate and the rest of the locals are the slaves and worker bees.
    Without government who would enforce the rule of law? Do you think everyone would just all of a sudden be nice to each other?

    i agree that our democracy has been corrupted by capitalism, but let’s fix it and not throw the whole thing out and go back to variable local tribal rule.

    1. qs says:

      The income tax used after the 16th amendment was put in in 1913, which gave the government the right to steal private citizens property.

      You act as if there would be chaos without one. Our nation has been without an income tax longer than we have had one.

      We don’t need an income tax anymore than we need congress critters.

  3. rgi says:

    No taxes. Hmmm. How would that work? Don’t get me wrong – I hate paying ’em too. I just don’t see where you’re offering any way to pay for the stuff you enjoy everyday.

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