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National Equality March is NOT Cancelled. Don't Believe the Snipe!

Let me get right to the point:

The National Equality March IS happening on October 11, 2009. The march’s platform of equality under law for lgbt Americans and same-sex couples will be aired. Any indications you have seen to the contrary in the past week are the product of what is stylishly referred to as “skunkworks” and what can be bluntly referred to as a lie.

When these two comments came in quick succession to Irregular Times yesterday, I was immediately suspicious:

“It is cancelled. Cleve will announce soon.”
“The event is cancelled. Thankfully. Cleve needs to refund the $150,000 he collected.”

Nope, I’m not going to give these comments the dignity of a link. Neither am I going to give linkjuice to the similar comments left on other websites. But those comments are out there, and they’re spreading discord and confusion as they’re meant to do.

Here’s what you need to know right now:

The National Equality March is going on as scheduled in Washington, DC on October 11, 2009.

This is confirmed by Kip Williams, an organizer for the National Equality March, directly denying that the march is cancelled:

Just yesterday, we had our weekly steering committee call with folks from all across the country. We are moving forward full force, fired up for this October!

What’s more, after the supposed “cancellation” posts appeared, the National Equality March organizers have announced a Chicago Fundraiser to pay for buses to head from the midwestern city to Washington, DC for the march. That’s not what organizers do when they cancel.

Mark Cahill, Saboteur and Bearer of False WitnessWho was behind all these postings declaring the National Equality March to be cancelled? A man named Mark Cahill.

Who is Mark Cahill? A man who has made it his business to “witness” at gay rights demonstrations, declaring that there is only “one side… God’s side.” He is involved with groups like Operation Save America that are trying to shove fundamentalist Christianity into public schools. Mark Cahill’s mission is to transform this country into a place where people who don’t share his values are shut down and shut out.

And now Mark Cahill’s fervent intolerance has taken him so far that he’s decided to violate the Ten Commandments, bearing false witness, outright lying in order to keep people from attending a political demonstration he doesn’t agree with.

Are you going to stand with Mark Cahill? Are you going to let people like Mark Cahill speak for you while you slouch off at the side in silence? The more people like Mark Cahill try to shut Americans down, the more inclined I am to head to Washington, DC on October 11 and speak up.

22 thoughts on “National Equality March is NOT Cancelled. Don't Believe the Snipe!”

  1. qs says:

    How many people projected for that thing you think?

  2. Mark C. says:

    Funny stuff. Kip knows it’s being cancelled. You just don’t say that while you’re raising money. They must be over $250,000 by now – where’s that money going?

    1. Jim says:

      Because you, Mark Cahill, witness against gay sin, have a real “in” with the demonstration leaders, right?

  3. Mark C. says:

    You don’t realize that money is missing, unaccounted for and that Cleve has lied to the media several times? I don’t know the guy above, but I think it’s very amusing. Tell Kip to tell the truth. He knows that I know.

    1. Jim says:

      Mark Cahill,

      Why don’t you, oh truth teller and sage fundamentalist witnesser at gay pride events, avoid the sin of BEARING FALSE WITNESS and either:

      1) Come out with direct proof for what you are saying,
      2) Admit you’re a lying hypocrite?

      It’s #1 or #2. Your God doesn’t like #2.

  4. Mark C. says:

    Accounting. Accounting. Accounting.

    Ask Kip to share the numbers Jim. Then you’ll know the problem(s).

    They only reason they are delaying telling the truth, is to raise more money.

    It’s a shame, because this could have been a good event. Now, people are just going to be pissed.

    1. Jim says:

      Right, Mark Cahill. “It’s a shame, because this could have been a good event.” That’s rich coming from someone who does fundamentalist witness at gay pride demonstrations.

      The fundraiser in Chicago is not to pay for the central organization. It’s for a fund to pay for the rental of buses from Chicago.

      Why don’t you share the numbers with me? Oh, that’s right. You can’t, because you don’t have them, because you haven’t seen them, because, as you have said yourself, you don’t even know Kip Williams.

      “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.” — Exodus 20:16.

    2. Fruktata says:

      Pssst. Mark Cahill is about to renounce Christianity. He’s going to announce it tomorrow.

  5. March On Washington Now says:

    I am so glad you exposed this dude. WAY TO GO! You rock Jim!

    Can’t believe that Queerty is even allowing his posts on their site…on second thought, yes I can believe it.

    I think that the naysayers are starting to panic that this march is going to be a historical event. I think they are freaking out and are now resorting to Sarah Palin tactics. Lies! Lies! Lies!

  6. Paul Hood says:

    Right on, way to report Jim, thanks for this.

  7. Mark C. says:

    How much did Cleve Jones pay for the HRC “endorsement?”

    He has raised $250,000 and said he only needed $50,000. So, where’s the other $200,000? Cleve’s retirement fund?

    1. Jim says:

      Wow! You must be on God’s side, you anti-gay witness video-evangelist you, because some guy named “Brian” just posted the very same words over at Queerty! You’re both getting direct communiques from the Holy Ghost, is that it?

  8. Mark C. says:

    You’re an idiot Jim. I suspect your people know this.

    Cleve was a Hustler on the streets of SF 30 years ago.

    He’s hustling again.

    Why aren’t you interested in where the money is going? Is it for Cleve’s retirement? Be a good Journalist and find out – it’s important.

    1. Jim says:

      “My people?” What, the Bhaak tribe of the Klaatu nebula?

      Why don’t you give me ONE verifiable piece of information indicating that there’s something amiss?

      I’ve been asking you for a little while now to provide any verifiable information to back up what you’ve been claiming, and you haven’t done so. That’s what I need to take you seriously…

      … especially considering that YOU were the one who without documentation said that the National Equality March would be officially cancelled within a few days… a week ago.

      … especially considering that YOU said that reports of an imminent HRC endorsement of the National Equality March were despicable lies and fabrications, just before the HRC came out and endorsed the National Equality March.

      So now you’re saying blah blah blah about Mr. Blah, blah, blah, and I don’t care, care care. You have a factual score of 0.0, bub. Why the hell, hell, hell, should I believe a word you say?

  9. Mark C. says:

    I heard today that only 8,000 people have committed to March. That’s pathetic. Some “show of support.”

    1. Jim says:

      Document it.

  10. Mark C. says:

    Talk to your buddies. Don’t they tell you the truth? Check the web stats. It was over when it began.

    1. Jim says:

      My buddies? You mean, like my daughter’s gymnastics coach and that guy at the coffee shop? Why would they know anything about it?

      Now you’re babbling because you DON’T have ONE shred of actual, documented evidence to back up what you’re saying. That’s why I conclude you’re full of bullcrap.

  11. Mark C. says:

    There was a conference call more than a week ago – organizers expressed concern that the response wasn’t good enough and it looked bad. Cleve said “keep raising money.” Some of us suggested postponing the event. It seems too late to postpone and nobody knows anything about the use of funds. I’d say, right now, it looks worse than a week ago.

    Ask your sources about THAT call.

  12. Demand Equality says:

    He is full of crap. Jim, shoot me an email if you can.

  13. Mark C. says:

    Here comes the investigation. It should have been cancelled to avoid this embarrassment.

  14. DrMartinMontisquieu says:

    Weird! That same crew cut dude (Mark Cahill) is a nutcase I saw at an airport passing out inane self published fundy pamphlets, filled with shameless appeals to fear of death and denials of basic science. The weirdest part of all however is that I saw him make out with a dude in the airport bathroom.

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