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Reason #642 to Attend the National Equality March: Rally Comes AFTER the March

National Equality March, October 11 2009, Washington DCOne of the worst experiences of a typical national march is the rally beforehand. Social movement leaders who’ve called you to Washington, DC to march know they have you, so they typically plan rallies ahead of time, rallies with speakers who drone on and on and on about all sorts of topics related (or worse, not related) to the protest itself. It’s like an NPR pledge drive with the radio strapped to your ears.

This is why I’m happy to find out that when activists gather for the National Equality March (an October 11 demonstration in DC to end inequality under law by sexual orientation), the rally will take place after the march. The straps are off! Ah!

2 thoughts on “Reason #642 to Attend the National Equality March: Rally Comes AFTER the March”

  1. qs says:

    I bet this thing is going to be pretty large. All that pent up anger after 8 years of Bush, and Obama isn’t doing much.

    I am bullish on crowd estimates I think.

  2. Mark C. says:

    Only 8,000 people have even visited the site. It’s a non-event and I think everyone but the “irregular fools” know that. Google it.

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