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Democrat Bill Owens Swerves To The Right Of GOP Opponent

There’s going to be a special election in New York State’s 23rd congressional district this year. The current U.S. Representative for the district, John McHugh, is leaving Congress to become Secretary of the Army.

In the race to succeed McHugh are Democrat Bill Owens, Republican Dede Scozzafava, and Conservative Doug Hoffman. Some people might presume that Owens is running as the progressive choice against Scozzafava and Hoffman, but it’s not that simple. The issue of marriage equality demonstrates that.

Democrat Bill Owens has announced that his campaign’s position is to oppose marriage equality for gay, lesbian and transgender Americans. Democrats may make excuses for Owens, saying that he has to oppose marriage equality to get elected.

The plain truth is that Owens doesn’t have to oppose marriage equality. His Republican opponent proves that. Dede Scozzafava, like the majority of New York State residents, says she supports the legalization of same-sex marriage.

Democrat Bill Owens is joining the Conservative Party candidate to run to the right of the Republican candidate. It’s a dark time for progressive Democrats up in the Adirondacks.

6 thoughts on “Democrat Bill Owens Swerves To The Right Of GOP Opponent”

  1. ReMarker says:

    jc, I’m with you in terms of equality for all, regardless of our heights, etc.

    It’s probably good to not be surprised if the GOP plants political operatives in the Democratic party. They have done it before and are surely doing it as much as possible. Just look at the havok (and damage to America) many of the GOP are willing to create and support, because they lost the Presidency and many seats in Congress.

    A bad Democrat reflects on the rest of us as the last sentence of your blog post shows. Surely a progressive Democrat can be found in the Adirondacks, somewhere.

    Bill Owens may be a GOP plant. Outing anyone, that is socially regressive, no matter what their political affilation is, is a good thing, Thanks. It’s hard to imagine I would ever vote GOP because I don’t trust the “GOP” at all, but I know of a few GOPs I would consider voting for. BTW, non of them are in office atm.

    We must be vigilant and open minded. It is true that many of the current GOP trouble makers (southern whites) are from my region of the country and were Democrats years ago.

  2. Tom says:

    What a minor issue this is with respect to the fact that we’re on the brink of defaulting on our ridiculously massive debt, using fiat money as if it has value, and that we’re going to get hit increasingly harder with climate change as the next generation (ie. within 25 years) becomes of voting age.

    This social “problem” will fade quickly as more pressing issues – like food shortages (and the increasingly high price for food), lack of health care (likewise), and ever-scarcer resources constrain our former way of life to that of a 3rd world nation in our lifetime.

    Just in case it hasn’t hit your city or area yet:

  3. Not_so_fast says:

    Saying Bill Owens is to the right of Dierdre Scozzafava is like saying Barack Obama is to the right of Dick Cheney.

    What you say? It’s true. Bill Owens and Barack Obama both support civil unions while Dierdre Scozzafava and Dick Cheney support same-sex marriage.

    It’s only ONE issue. It’s not even the only L.G.B.T. issue before the U.S. Congress…

    1. J. Clifford says:

      No, my dear anonymous reader, Dick Cheney does NOT support same sex marriage. So, your analogy is based upon a falsehood.

      Also, Dede Scozzafava has supported several other progressive issues, such as reproductive choice, that Bill Owens doesn’t even have a record on.

      Look, it’s not my point to be pro-Scozzafava. My point is to show that Bill Owens is trying to go to the right of the Republican on the marriage issue in order to earn the anti-equality, anti-gay vote. That’s a really depressing maneuver to see a Democrat running for Congress take.

      Owens hasn’t even gotten a web site up yet. He’s been a lawyer representing the health care industry, not a strong public figure. In fact, Owens isn’t even a Democrat. Yes, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee helped to select a Democratic candidate who isn’t even registered to vote with the Democratic Party.

      So, we’ve got a whole lot to learn about Bill Owens. But, so far, it is definitely NOT looking so good.

  4. rjt says:

    I think that Obama’s appointment of conservative republican McHugh as Secretary Of the Army is a big mistake. Even worse, if he did it to get another democratic seat in the House. I live in the NY 25th district, but I never heard of Bill Owens until today when I got an email from Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand urging me to support Owens bid in the 23rd. with a donation. Her endorsement of him was, “Bill understands Upstate New York and wants to help our families. His campaign is in high gear and focusing on his record of military service and job creation in the 23rd district.”

    We don’t need another blue dog in the house, they are already doing enough damage to the progressive agenda, but it is hard to believe the GOP is supporting a progressive. The right-wing pretty much runs the Republican Party and is running right-wingers against their own moderates in primaries. The other thing that concerns me, republicans are not free thinkers, they do what the leadership tells them to do. Even if Scozzafava is somewhat progressive she probably wouldn’t vote that way once in office.

    The problem with the democrat’s election strategy is that they are going for numbers not quality. In the ’06 and ’08 elections they supported a lot of conservative democrats, not much better than their GOP opponents, to get democratic seats. Now, it is coming back to bite them in the ass on major issues like the environment and health care.

    1. J. Clifford says:

      “The problem with the democrat’s election strategy is that they are going for numbers not quality.” That’s an excellent summary of the problem with the Democratic Party. They’re interested only in defeating the Republicans in name, not in principle.

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