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Jeremy Cloward Denied Participation In Debate

Update on Green Party candidate Jeremy Cloward, recently interviewed by Irregular Times: Local TV station KCBS describes 11 candidates participating in a debate in the special election to succeed Ellen Tauscher as California’s 10th district representative in Congress. What the article doesn’t state: Only Democrats and Republicans were allowed to take part in the debate. The four other candidates, including Cloward, showed up but were shut out.

Why? Who concluded that an eleven candidate debate would be manageable, but having fifteen candidates in a debate would be completely out of hand?

2 thoughts on “Jeremy Cloward Denied Participation In Debate”

  1. Tom says:

    i have no faith in the political process we now operate under. Where it was slightly corrupt back in the old days, let’s say around the Eisenhower administration, today it’s completely dominated by the “two” parties that are both totally controlled (ie. funded, influenced, and media supported) by corporate interests with deep pockets, an agenda (anti-union, anti-labor, profit over everything), and the means to keep out all opposition other than who they want. Likewise, where paper voting ballots may be lost or debated (remember hanging chads?), the electronic method is full of holes, hackable and unverifiable as it is.
    All of this has so corrupted our voting process as to make it a sham. From the local level to the national level it just doesn’t work any longer the way it is supposed to work, ie. one person one vote.

    Add to that the fact that the candidates are now a chummy club once elected and basically vote to keep themselves in power. They are bought and paid for by corporate lobbyists who not only influence the vote with money for campaign “war chests” but also WRITE the bills that Congress (who usually doesn’t read them) votes on.

    Then there is the appointments of corporate people to agencies that directly impact the corporate profit margin, as in FDA and EPA being run by people from vested interest companies who then get their “iffy” products past the check points and on to store shelves and ultimately into our bodies. [Then, years later and after these people have slipped back into their companies from the agencies, the product is found defective and harmful, only to be pulled from the market, or “recalled”, and law suits brought against the corporations, for which they already reaped enough profit to more than cover these expected losses.]
    It’s even worse now that Wall Street (Goldman Sachs) and Big Bankers (“too big to fail”) have totally captured our treasury (THROUGH WASHINGTON) and basically robbed the populace of its wealth and placed us all in debt for GENERATIONS (if we don’t just default as a nation – a highly likely outcome).

    In conclusion, you can no longer expect politics as usual (since it isn’t any more) to solve our problems. It’s only going to get worse as these past crimes go unpunished and the people who got us into this mess are REWARDED while we are largely unemployed with unaffordable health care and basic necessities become financially out of reach for the great majority of citizens making under $250,000/yr. (and they become the next group to feel the pain).

    1. Jim says:

      Tom, Jeremy Cloward’s exclusion actually marks a RETURN to the early 20th Century practice of elections being run from smoke-filled rooms behind closed doors — not a deviation from that past golden age. The reason it seemed so wholesome back then was because the process was kept hidden from most Americans, not because the process wasn’t corrupt. You just couldn’t see the corruption.

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