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Oh, to be Poor in Rye

Dear Dr. Obvious,

I live in a $2.5 million, 4000 square foot house. I have a nanny to take care of my children, my cooking and my cleaning. I have a gardener to take care of my immaculate three-acre yard, and a plow man to clear my quarter-mile driveway for me. My kids have cell phones, a swimming pool and a pool boy to take care of it. I wear Armani, Ralph Lauren and Anne Klein. I drive a Volvo SUV and a convertible. I love to go on ski jaunts and I am a regular on the Westchester and Hamptons cocktail party circuits. I’m just holding on. How can I possibly squeak by on an income of $300,000 a year?

4 comments to Oh, to be Poor in Rye

  • Luke

    Sweet Jesus; is that a real representation of these “poor” people? I sincerely hope the writer of that was mocking them at every step, to their face; if the featured families honestly believe they are facing hard times.

  • le pelerin

    These people need a million a year to afford that lifestyle! $300,000 a year lets your kids go to quality schools and lets you have a nice house but not a lot of coctail parties at the White House.

  • Anonymous

    “As a vice president at MasterCard’s corporate office in Purchase, N.Y., she earns a base pay of $150,000 plus a bonus. This year she’ll take home 10 percent less because of a smaller bonus.”

    I bet the little employees who can barely eat that work for MC are crying for her… I bet they feel real sorry that they cant take even less pay so she can have a better life. I mean, it sounds soooo hard on her

  • ReMarker

    Is it just me or does it seem that as wealth increases, patriotism decreases?

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