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Twitter Prowl The Ultimate Tweeting Third Party Application

Announcing Twitter Prowl, the ultimate third party application for Twittering. Previously, there have been Twitter apps that automatically generate Tweets. There have been Twitter apps that automatically add you as a follower of other people’s Tweets. There have been Twitter apps that automatically generate messages to your followers and reply to messages from the Twits that you follow. Never, however, has there been a single third party application to put all these functions into one package.

Now, Twitter Prowl (TM) takes all the functions you’ve ever even thought about possibly wanting sometime in the future, and combines them into one Twitter application so simple that you hardly need to do anything at all to operate it – you don’t even need to think for yourself! Let Twitter Prowl do all the work.

You just take one simple step: Give Twitter Prowl (TM) (c) your username and password, and then sit back and watch it do all the work! Twitter Prowl will automatically calculate the most popular Twits online, and the most influential followers, then add you automatically as a follower of their Tweets.

Next, Twitter Prowl (TM ) (c) (No MSG) will automatically write your own Tweets, based upon an analysis of what the most influential people on Twitter are Twittering about at the moment.

When other people write messages in response to these Tweets, Twitter Prowl (TM ) (c) (No MSG) (WYSIWYG-free) will send automatic “personal” messages in reply, thus increasing the loyalty of your own followers, as well as the likelihood that your Tweets will be ReTweeted by your followers’ followers’ ReTweeters.

The team behind Twitter Prowl (hiccup) predicts that this new third party application will revolutionize the way that people use Twitter. “We’ve already convinced people to censor their complex ideas into indecipherable semi-sentences,” says Lars Klinghoofer, Chief Executive Officer of Uuuurp, Inc., the parent company behind Twitter Prowl (and Twitter Prowl Express). “We envision an arrangement by which people now are able to exert the discipline of expressing their ideas using no characters at all, and letting our product create what we call Gnu Media instead. One user’s Twitter Prowl account will follow another Twitter Prowl account, and both accounts will automatically write Tweets about a third Twitter Prowl account’s automatic Tweets. They’ll message each other, and follow each other, and create vital new trends that can be followed by yet more Twitter Prowl accounts. Soon, our users’ accounts will be the most popular of all on Twitter, influencing other Twits to become more influential themselves, by joining the Twitter Prowl cybersocial network. They’ll be like Ashton Kutchner, but without the need to sleep. Best of all, this huge amount of influence will be generated without anyone having to pay any attention at all!”

Find out more about Twitter Prowl, including a special new offer to insult your intelligence even more than ever before – but at half the price!

2 thoughts on “Twitter Prowl The Ultimate Tweeting Third Party Application”

  1. ReMarker says:

    The up side is Prowl would throw a wrench into marketing analyses that use Twitter use and Twittered info to develop marketing strategies.

    Twitter stuff is not an issue for me. Hell, I only use the phone, hmm maybe 3 times a week.

  2. randy ray haugen says:

    my techno savy starts and ends with leaving a comment on irregular times.
    seriously, i try to comment on right wing blogs and i can’t get past first base. i need help to get e-mail. i can’t send e-mail. i can’t download my camera. i’ve got about a thousand pictures just sitting there.
    maybe twitter can do it all for me too.
    of course, i would need major help setting up an account.

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