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Poll: Where Should We Put the Palestinian State?

As you may have heard, 2012 Republican Presidential Mike Huckabee has declared that the Palestinians cannot expect to have a Palestinian state in Palestine. Huckabee declared that Israelis should be able to plant communities wherever they want to in the West Bank. But where do the Palestinians go when the Israelis move in? Huckabee answered:

“The question is should the Palestinians have a place to call their own? Yes, I have no problem with that. Should it be in the middle of the Jewish homeland? That’s what I think has to be honestly assessed as virtually unrealistic. My question is how the government of the United States would feel if Prime Minister Netanyahu began to dictate which people could live in the Bronx, which ones could live in Manhattan and which could live in Queens.”

By analogy, for Mike Huckabee all of the West Bank is not just territory occupied by Israel but part of Israel itself. That’s not the understanding of international law, but what the hey, let’s go with it. If Palestinians shouldn’t live in, you know, Palestine, what place should they have to call their own? If we’re going to follow Mike Huckabee’s advice, where should the Palestinian state go?

I have a few ideas. You tell me which one is best.

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