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Frank LoBiondo Supports Taxes To Fund More Private Health Care

U.S. Representative Frank LoBiondo likes to present himself as someone who’s against raising taxes in order to support health care reform. In a recent statement, Representative LoBiondo explained that he would vote against Democrats’ health care reform legislation because the legislation would increase spending, thus requiring higher taxes and a bigger federal budget deficit.

frank lobiondoThat sounds very budget hawkish of LoBiondo. If you look at LoBiondo’s own health care spending priorities, though, his anti-tax pose looks like a lot of flutter without much potential for takeoff.

The very day after Congressman LoBiondo slammed health care reform for requiring increased government spending on health care, he sent out a press release announcing earmarks he had arranged to be inserted into an appropriations bill. LoBiondo’s earmarks provide government money directly to private health care providers.

That kind of government funding of private health care is going on through earmarks in almost every congressional district in the country. The spending is massive. The fact is that LoBiondo already supports a system of government involvement with the private health care system. The difference between the Democrats’ health care reform program and LoBiondo’s approach is that the Democrats’ reform offers some oversight and process improvements in return for government money. LoBiondo’s system just throws government money at the problem.

And where does the money for Frank LoBiondo’s kind of health care earmarks come from? Because it comes from the government, it comes either from taxes or deficit spending. LoBiondo can rant and rave about how he’s against higher taxes and bigger deficits in order to pay for health care reform, but his actions speak louder than his words. In action, LoBiondo supports increased health care spending on health care, resulting in higher taxes, and bigger deficits. What LoBiondo opposes is health care reform to ensure that all this spending actually translates into better services for patients.

One thought on “Frank LoBiondo Supports Taxes To Fund More Private Health Care”

  1. ReMarker says:

    Ugh, LoBiondo speakum with forked tougue.

    IMO, Federal, state, and local governments get enough money in taxes to do everything that is being done and more. Eliminate the rip-offs, shysters, and under-performers, get the economy cooking again and we probably can overcome the 8 trillion dollar dept Bush left us with, relatively fast. Particularly knowing Clinton overcame a 4 trillion dept Reagan left us with, in 8 years.

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