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Most Inept Mercenary Assassins Ever: Money For Nothing

Blackwater CIA agents say that the emerging scandal over George W. Bush’s decision to direct illegal assassination plans into corporate outsourcing is being overblown. “We never actually did anything,” says an anonymous source who worked within the XE Services assassination squad program.

Here’s how much other anonymous sources say that we paid for this nothing that was never done by the corporate assassins: Something like 20 million dollars.

20 million dollars to pay a bunch of assassins who sit around and never even try to kill anybody? This is what they call Homeland Security?

If these stories are true, it’s no wonder that Osama Bin Laden is still walking around at liberty. Of course, we have no reason to really believe that these stories are true. What we do know is only provided by anonymous sources, thanks to the fact that the Democrats in Congress are too cowardly to hold public hearings as part of an open investigation of the crimes committed under George W. Bush.

3 thoughts on “Most Inept Mercenary Assassins Ever: Money For Nothing”

  1. Tom says:

    It’s not that they’re too cowardly. Obama is protecting Bush as part of his corporate marching orders. He’s becoming such a disappointment. i voted for a JFK and got another toady to corporate world.

    Meanwhile Bush gets away with murder.

  2. ReMarker says:

    Patience may be a necessary ingredient for getting this problem solved. There are almost daily revalations, I’m sure are not ignored, about Bush Admin. abuses. Many of which are interconnected. To “slow walk” significant prosecutions and allow the facts to trickle out pre-prosecution, may be valuable in keeping the “radical element” from going balistic and causing massive mayhem. People have begun showing up armed to health care town hall meetings and using a variety of pretend reasons for being concerned. I believe to rapidly bring presure to bear (prosecutions) on the criminals has a real risk. Some of them are animals that are now being cornered.

    Reminder: Even a generic criminal investigation requires time to be thorough and successful. To go after the “big boys” surly will take more than a few months.

    I think this logic applies to the Bushy abuses and to the unfulfilled Obama promises that people are rightfully impatient about.

  3. ReMarker says:

    Here is an update. Hopefully tomorrow we will have facts to talk about.

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