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XE Blackwater Mercenary Assassins Still Run Amok Under Democrats

In tomorrow morning’s newspapers, there will be printed cryptic stories referring to the U.S. government hiring of assassination squads assembled by Blackwater, a corporation of mercenaries now known by the name XE Services. Blackwater / XE teams planned illegal killings, and may have even been preparing to execute the assassinations. At least, so say the newspapers. The information is all anonymously leaked, and there’s no corroboration because there are no public hearings through which the American people have been able to learn about these criminal conspiracies.

statue of liberty bloody assassin crosshairsApparently, the CIA outsourced this crime because they knew it was a crime. An anonymous CIA source for the Washington Post story claims that, “Outsourcing gave the agency more protection in case something went wrong.” What does “protection” mean? It means shielding from legal liability. The CIA apparently was fully aware that the Bush Administration was engaging in clearly criminal behavior, and did nothing to stop it.

Assassination is against the law. This conspiracy of mercenary assassins therefore was not just a plan to target foreign enemies of the USA. It was a plan to target the very system of American law upon which our liberty is founded.

Members of Congress have known about this criminal conspiracy for quite some time now. Where is the investigation? Where are the hearings? What have the Democrats in charge of Congress done to hold the people involved in these high crimes responsible?

Almost nothing. The American people have seen nothing. All that’s taken place are closed door meetings, part of supposed secret “investigations”, the contents of which are classified, so that once again, the American people have no idea of what’s going on – or even if there really is an investigation at all. The so-called “investigation” by the House Intelligence Committee so far looks more like a whitewash. There have been no public hearings. Not a single individual has been held legally accountable.

Why, more than half a year into the Democrat-run government, have we not yet seen one single serious public investigation into any of the Bush Administration crimes? For the sake of political advantage? So the Democrats would have the chance to enact their political agenda?

This excuse no longer makes any sense. Look at the disaster that has been made of health care reform by the Democrats. Look at the failure of the Democrats to come up with adequate climate change legislation. Look at the downright corrupt system of corporate bailouts that took place instead of honest economic stimulus. Look at the shocking expansion of wasteful military spending for deadly boondoggles like the F-22.

For this? For this, we’ve been told to sacrifice our hopes for investigation and accountability for the Bush Administration’s thorough trashing of the Constitution and the rule of law? So that the Democrats would retain enough political power to perpetrate their disastrous domestic agenda?

No, the sacrifice has not been worth it. Progressives have been asked to stand aside so that the Democrats could create a capable government, but the progressive retreat has only been answered by Democratic Party refusal to stand strongly for the values that progressives believed in.

Will the Democrats finally learn the lesson now, that they don’t gain political advantage by failing to hold their opponents accountable for outrageous violations of the law? No, I don’t think that lesson is even close to surfacing in the Democrats’ political consciousness.

The original crimes of the Bush Administration are now being compounded by the cowardice of Democrats too timid to merely demand that the Constitution of the United States, and the laws established under its authority, be honored and upheld.

8 thoughts on “XE Blackwater Mercenary Assassins Still Run Amok Under Democrats”

  1. Tom says:

    Once the CIA is involved, all the rules go out the window.

  2. ReMarker says:

    It’s important to remember our current president walked into office with all this stuff going on (and more). Knowing what to do and overcoming the obstacles to doing it, is a process that is going on and will continue as long as we, the people, support them doing it. Many of the abuses of the previous administration are still being identified.

    A comprehensive article about the owner of Blackwater and the legal dodo, he is up to his neck in, is posted on The Nation website

    1. ReMarker says:

      Oops, I keyed the wrong prompt and my incomplete remark was posted. I will make my complete remark in a different “reply”. Delete this and the incomplete remark, if you want ofc.

    2. ReMarker says:

      Here is the link to The Nation article mentioned in my main post.

      I think for me to elaborate about whether the Democrats, as a whole, are responsible for any of the policies that break our laws is a waste of my time. Believe the GOP talking points if you want but it is the GOP that sells our country out, not the Democrats. Contrary to info. in the blog post, America’s judicial system (under the Democrats) is busy at work trying to bring law breakers to justice (refer to The Nation article).

      Get a clue, Democrats are progressive.

      1. J. Clifford says:

        Really? Really? The JUDICIAL system is busy at work trying to do this? ReMarker, that’s not how the system works. The Judicial Branch of government doesn’t work trying to bring law breakers to justice. It is supposed to a system, as impartial as possible, for hearing charges and suits that people outside the Judicial Branch bring.

        As for Republican talking points, I don’t write according to those. I don’t even know where to go to get them. Has it occurred to you, ReMarker, that the world of ideas is much larger than the dichotomy of Republican vs. Democrat recognizes?

        Democrats are progressive? Max Baucus is progressive? Ben Nelson is progressive? Lincoln Davis is progressive? Travis Childers is progressive? Bobby Bright is progressive?

        You really need to do more research into what Democrats actually do, as opposed to what you think they do. You want me to get a clue? I already have one, and I’ll share it with you: If you think that achieving progressive change is as simple electing and maintaining Democratic control of government, you’re not paying attention to the details of what’s going on in D.C.

  3. ebb tide says:

    See an interesting comparison between Daniel Boyd and Erik Prince :

    Daniel Boyd is incarcerated in solitary confinement: no sun, no windows, etc, and only VERY few visitors for pitiful few minutes.
    The Daniel Boyd case is a “false flag” operation take away US citizen rights guaranteed by the bill of rights about freedom of speech and gun ownership etc. It is to scare people. Don’t be fooled! Know your rights!
    Remember when the “Reagan Doctrine,” and sacrifice against the “Evil Empire” of International Communism, was patriotic?
    Reagan said introducing leaders of the Afghan Mujahedeen (from the word Jihad) to media on the White House lawns (1985):
    “These gentlemen are the moral equivalents of America’s founding fathers.”
    Hmmm,,, that makes Mr. Boyd a patriot in those days, and the “training camps” accusation BOGUS!
    See an interesting comparison between him and Erik Prince :
    >supportdanielboyd > wordpress> com
    >supportboyd> blogspot> com

  4. Bruce says:

    This website is laden with false ‘facts’. Nothing here is remotely true and I’m sorry some of you believe this garbage.

    1. Peregrin Wood says:

      Bruce, can you actually refute anything that’s written here? Can you cite a source of data that contradicts us, or are you just feeling peeved because what you find here doesn’t fit your preconceived notions?

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