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Do You Support The Dallas Principles?

The following are a set of core principles drafted by a group of activists dedicated to legal equality for all Americans, regardless of their sexual orientation. They are known as the Dallas Principles.

1.Full civil rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals must be enacted now. Delay and excuses are no longer acceptable.

2.We will not leave any part of our community behind.

3.Separate is never equal.

4.Religious beliefs are not a basis upon which to affirm or deny civil rights.

5.The establishment and guardianship of full civil rights is a non-partisan issue.

6.Individual involvement and grassroots action are paramount to success and must be encouraged.

7.Success is measured by the civil rights we all achieve, not by words, access or money raised.

8.Those who seek our support are expected to commit to these principles.

Do you agree with these principles? If not, which do you disagree with, and why? What principles do you think are most important? What principles would you add to this list?

3 thoughts on “Do You Support The Dallas Principles?”

  1. Jacob says:

    So if enough people get together in their want of doing something wrong it becomes a civil right? If many people started to think that 10 was a good age for girls to get married to grown men would it become a civil right to do so? Just because something is becoming popular does not mean it is the right thing to do…

  2. ReMarker says:

    I agree with them entirely. They are completely “American”.

    The “principles” which Rowan posted was a clear list and did not include anything about 10 yr. olds getting married. (Get real Jacob or is creating a distraction your intent)?

  3. Rowan says:

    Jacob, can you address the specific principles please? See the particular questions above.

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