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Looking For A Better Front Yard

I spent a good amount of the day today taking some petitions around the small Upstate New York city of Ithaca. I went through some fantastic neighborhoods, and wherever I went, there were people out gardening. Quite often, those gardeners were in their front yards.

The absolute best of the bunch was a white stucco house on a corner without any lawn at all. In the place of grass was a tiered system of garden beds, some with flowers, some with vigorously growing vegetables, some with twining vines. More and more, I started to notice that people in this city are replacing front lawns with flower and vegetable gardens.

I like that idea. I’ve been inspired by my walk today to replace my front lawn with… well, probably a flower garden, as I can, but I want to make sure I’m making the right decision first.

Help me out. If I’m replacing the small (about 10 feet deep) lawn in front of my house with something other than grass, what might it be, other than a garden?

9 thoughts on “Looking For A Better Front Yard”

  1. Tom says:

    Your best bet is a vegetable garden, second, a flower garden, & finally it could be an ornamental rock garden with shrubs, low-growth bushes and ferns or ground cover plants interspersed for color and erosion control. Another possibility though is a bee-colony/butterfly grounds combination to service all the necessary critters for you and your neighbors. These two species have been hit especially hard here over the past few years and need some human intervention to counteract all the destruction we’re causing with the senseless way we live on the planet.

    Good luck with your project. Post some pix when your done.

    1. Jacob says:

      I like this idea. We did something similiar with ours. If you do a monarch garden there is also help you can get for it. All you have to do is let God’s creation hang out for you to watch and enjoy…

      1. F.G. Fitzer says:

        You mean Satan? Satan in the front yard for you to watch and enjoy?

        1. Jacob says:

          I dont think he is out there… Hmmm seems like it would be a waste of time for him to mess around in my butterfly garden. Guess its always possible though

          Wonder what he might be up to…

          If he kills my flowers I am going to be angry

          1. Jim says:

            Why? It’s all part of God’s plan, right? And you wouldn’t be angry if God killed your flowers… 😉

          2. Jacob says:

            So, dont plant a butterfly garden. Ignore my idea about the monarch center and the help they provide… Apperently butterfly gardens are a bad idea…

            And Jim, youhave only seemed to have looked at half of God’s plan. read the second half of what happens.

          3. F.G. Fitzer says:

            God’s plan apparently includes newspapers too. Should I put newspapers in my front yard?

            No, butterfly gardens in a front yard are not a bad idea. Calling flowers “God’s plan” is.

          4. Jacob says:

            I didnt call it that… I called it “God’s creation”. Jim told us all that “God’s plan” was to kill the flowers. I simply pointed out that there is a second half of that plan. One where the Earth is renewed to its perfectly pre-sin glory. I believe that is a side point to this blog though…
            Seems like we are in agreeance. A butterfly garden is a good thing. Good talk Fitz

  2. Mark says:

    One of the first things you should consider are plants that are native to your area. In many cases they may be endangered and you can provide habitat for them to live. Native plants will also require minimal maintenance for you (and none once they get established). They are already perfectly adapted to your climate. You should be able to find an interesting variety that would make your garden different from most others around. Check to see if there is a native plant society in your area. They would be able to offer lots of information, and they might even be able to provide you with plants.

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