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Who Lieberman Isn't Putting Off

“I’m afraid we’ve got to think about putting a lot of that off,” Senator Joseph Lieberman says of comprehensive, meaningful health care reform.

The number of dollars Senator Lieberman has received from insurance and medical industry sources in the last five years: 1,080,104.00

Senator Lieberman isn’t about to put off the medical industry.

4 thoughts on “Who Lieberman Isn't Putting Off”

  1. randy ray haugen says:

    and the media does not even blink when joe delivers his schmaltzy cock-and-bull about how we can’t afford to do it all and let’s just get what we all agree on and i’m really with you and blah, blah, blah…
    he makes me want to barf. but, the fact that the news media does nothing to discredit him and call him to the carpet is even worse. and then there’s the jar-head public that buys the whole the whole rotten barrel from ego-idiots like hannity and limbaugh and o’reilly. now lieberman! to think i was, at one time, fooled by his “poor me, poor you” disguise. now i cringe every time i hear that whining voice.

  2. ReMarker says:

    Lieberman has proven to be one of the most wishy washy people in politics. I accepted him as Gore’s VP selection, simply on the merits of Gore in a Gore v Bush contest. However, I didn’t believe Gore made a good choice for a replacement in the event Lieberman would have been needed. That guy couldn’t lead a duck line.

    Here is an interesting post of a discussion about the media’s failure.

    In an interesting comment to that post, devildog21 said, “Scahill does a great job berating Todd, but the reality is, Todd has no say in what is reported on in our “news” shows. The bottom line dictates what is news and if the bottom line were to be adversely affected by reporting on Blackwater, then it isn’t going to happen.

    We lost our free press, or fourth estate, when congress passed new ownership rules for media. 98% of media is now owned by only 7 different owners, mostly corporations. The companies that own media don’t want news, they want infotainment that sells their products.

    It’s not in GE’s best interest to tell America how badly the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have gone/are going. That would adversely impact their military hardware division’s bottom line.”

  3. qs says:

    Electronic medical records will probably end up as part of our law enforcement files and Homeland security files.

    No medical privacy. HIPPA was designed to allow the government access to all records so we get incrementalism towards State control.

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