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Review: Avoid XG Tees for Flimsy Unethical Shirts, Buggy Interface

We here at Irregular Times have a favorite punishment for companies that inundate us with spammy, off-topic marketing ploys in our comments section: an honest review.

This morning, XG Tees cut and pasted their promotional link into an e-mail blast indicating that its company “offers a wide range of products for you to create custom T shirts, or design your own shirts online.”

I’ll be brief. The website is slow, with interminable progress bars:

Loading Store Graphic from XG Tees

The “online design” section loads in an utterly broken, useless form if you head to it directly:

Broken XG Tees Interface

The design section works only if you first head to another section in which you select a t-shirt brand and color. The t-shirts brands made available to print upon are from factories in the third-world, made less expensive than local production through low worker pay, lax workplace regulations and low environmental protection. All so you can wear XGTees’ chintzy clip art:

XG Tees Cheesy Clip Art. Do You Really Want This On Your Shirt?

You have to buy at least six shirts, shirts may have only six colors, and your image must fit in a box of 11.5 inches by 11.5 inches, a noticeably smaller part of the shirt than most producers.

Have I forgotten something? Oh, right: the link to the XG Tees website. Well, I’m sure you can find the website yourself if you look hard enough. I’m just not sure why on Earth you’d want to try.

5 thoughts on “Review: Avoid XG Tees for Flimsy Unethical Shirts, Buggy Interface”

  1. Jared says:

    I actually use another site for my tees that works pretty awesome for custom t-shirts and screen printing. They also do embroidery, but I never use them for that. Check out . They’re pretty good and they’ve never missed my deadlines yet for custom t-shirts.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Truly terrible quality and even worse customer service.

  3. anonymous says:

    I can speak first hand this post is 100% false. you can order any type of shirt you would like you can even shirts made out of plastic bottes if you like so that is untrue.
    you can order just one shirt if you like . so again this is false.

    if you would read there website it clearly states the screen size so you have not done your homework . PLEASE READ BEFORE SLANDER.


    1. Jim says:

      Yeah huh. Do you work for the finance or marketing side of XGTees, “anonymous?”

      What I say was my experience was actually my experience.

      I just returned, and the interface is still buggy, now with different bugs. You’re wrong about quantity: I still have to select at least 12. And no, I can’t select any kind of t-shirt. All your t-shirts are still cheap and flimsy, none of them that I can find are made in the USA, none made by producers that provide thorough certification of quality labor and wage standards. You still have to select a smaller print area than Skreened.

      If you don’t want an honest review of your lame website, you “anonymous” XGTees figure, then don’t send me spam.

  4. Emie Eshmawy says:

    I have ordered from Wayne several times and he’s actually really incredibly helpful. I’ve left a review on his site before too because I was one of the first to give him business. His product is pretty stellar, and I’ve recommended him to several people. He’s cheap, reliable, and works with the customer to get the printing done. I think it’s tragic someone would dock him for a silly online design software. If you send him a jpeg hell spend the entire day working with you and sending you pics back and forth so he gets what you want right. Please do not listen to this ridiculous review!

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